Breeding: preparation and pairing pigeons

Check up by the veterinarian

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We started the month of November with a visit to the veterinarian. The pigeons are checked thoroughly. If necessary, they receive a small cure.

This year our pigeons have received treatment against Trichomonas.

This parasite can spread through the drinking water. Do not leave the drinking water in the loft for long periods, also ensure that the drinking water maintains a cold temperature.

Moist grains or droppings are the perfect breeding ground for this parasite. After the racing season it is the ideal time to give your lofts a thorough cleaning.

Trichomonads can be passed directly via crop milk and saliva when parents feed their young. Because we want our youngster to grow up as healthy as possible, it is very important that all parents are parasite free.

Extra lighting of the lofts

The lofts will be illuminated starting 10 November. There are three different lofts that are illuminated;

  1. The hens’ loft
  2. The loft of the yearling cocks
  3. The loft of the long distance pigeons


The extra lighting is done via an automatic timer system.

The lofts are illuminated for 3 hours in the morning from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM and in the evening for 3 hours from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. In lofts 2 and 3 the pigeons get the chance to choose a new nest.

One of the main reasons that the lofts are illuminated is that it extends the day for the pigeons. Fertility is stimulated so that you get a smooth lay.

The care: Nutrition, hygiene and vitamins

During this period, all pigeons eat moulting mix

Giving a regular dose of grit promotes digestion. The sharp edges of the grit ensure that the food is ground in the stomach of the pigeon.

Because it can take up to two days for the sharp edges of the grit to wear off, it is not necessary to mix the grit with the food daily. It is more than sufficient if this happens every two days.

Let your pigeons take a bath every now and then to stimulate the moulting. You can put a dash of vinegar in the water and a tablespoon of salt, which also helps against vermin. Never leave the bath longer than one day.

14 days before pairing, all breeding pigeons are given vitamins for 5 days. These are general vitamins A, B, D to get the pigeons optimally healthy by the end of November (pairing date).

Pairing the pigeons

In October a careful selection is already made based on the performances of the previous seasons. The selection is also based on the descent on condition that the pigeons meet certain requirements;

  • Strongly built
  • Closed build
  • Soft wing that is also in proportion to the body
  • Beautiful appearance of the eyes

In short, a pigeon that feels good in the hand


During the month of November the pigeons are then coupled on paper. We take pedigrees into consideration in order not to get too close a family culture. The pigeons model is also taken into account. Two large or small pigeons are almost never paired against each other. We look for a balance between large and small.

Pairing of couples will start at the end of November.

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