2nd national zone Limoges: great start to the long distance season

Last weekend brought us a wonderful victory. We achieved a 2nd national zone Limoges. The flight, a distance of 667 kilometers, was a challenge due to the bad weather in France. The pigeons spent five nights in the basket waiting for better weather conditions. When finally improved, the pigeons were able to start with a light southwest wind.

At 4:33 pm came the moment when BE-21-6030784 arrived home and crossed the finish line. This performance earned her an impressive 88th national place, a 2nd zonal place, and a 6th provincial place. In our club, this pigeon was crowned with a first place, which doubly rewarded the efforts and patience of the past few days.

Despite the tough run-up to the race, this pigeon proved that it can perform even under more difficult conditions. We look forward with anticipation to the coming races and hope for more successful results.

National Zone B2 Provincial Club
88 / 10.656
2 / 1.863
6 / 1.017
1 / 109

2nd National Zone Limgos '24


Enudra BE 21-6030784
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