Racing with hens

Why racing with hens?

This is the 4th year in a row that we race with our hens, the reason is simple: Hens are able to fly weekly great middle distance races (+ – 500km).

In Belgium these are the 8 national flights. We noticed that hens recover faster, likely because they are much calmer in the basket.


During the winter period our racing hens remain in the aviary. They do not breed during the winter. This way they save energy and so they can prepare sufficiently for the upcoming playing season.

The hens are coupled around 10 April. Then they nest, during the brooding they are released at home and they have to train systematically. Once they have youngsters, they go on their first flights with the club. These are flights of +- 100 – 200km. After that they go twice more to a middle distance flight (+ – 300km).

Once that’s over they are to participate in the national flights which start around the end of May.

Het spel

During the months of June and July, our hens participate in the national flights every week, these flights are played on Saturday, the pigeons are basketed on Thursday.

Upon arrival, the hens are given half an hour to themselves so that they can regain their strength, eat and drink a little, a “good sport mixture is given. Then they are allowed to go to their partner, whom they can spend the rest of their day with. In the evening they are separated.


Sunday is the day of rest and our hens stay in the loft all day.
They train for one hour in the afternoon on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


Sunday, Monday, Tuesday an easily digestible food is given, namely: Aidi “Girl Power”.
Wednesday and Thursday they receive energy nutrition, namely: Aidi nr 3 (high-fat food).

There is no training on Thursday (day of basketing). Thursday afternoon the hens are put in their nest box, where the nest is present, for 10 minutes, without their partner.

Things to watch out for

The main goal is that they participate in the 8 national flights, but depending on the weather and the severity of the flight, a HAFO flight (+ -350km) may be inserted.

National flights are a priority

By submitting weekly, we experience little mutual pairing between the hens. If the hens nevertheless mate with each other, the least good one will be removed from the loft.

Choose an old cock (5-6 years) as a partner, one who understand the system well and are calmer.

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