Breeding of pigeons, how to De Belser Johan Racing Pigeons Belgium

Pigeon breeding: the breeding process

The breeding of pigeons: the breeding Goodbye November, welcome December Now that November has passed our pigeons have just been paired and this gives us some time to explain our method. All our breeding pigeons and old widowers were put together around 27 November. Breeding pigeons have given usable pigeons in recent years and they […]

Breeding of pigeons, the preparation and pairing of pigeons De Belser Johan Racing Pigeons Belgium

Pigeon breeding: the preparation and pairing pigeons

Check up by the veterinarian We started the month of November with a visit to the veterinarian. The pigeons are checked thoroughly. If necessary, they receive a small cure. This year our pigeons have received treatment against Trichomonas. This parasite can spread through the drinking water. Do not leave the drinking water in the loft […]

Cleaning of the lofts De Belser Johan Racing Pigeons Belgium

Cleaning the pigeon lofts

Now that all flights have been completed, it is time to clean the pigeon lofts. A thorough annual cleaning is a must if you want to guarantee optimal health for yourself and your pigeons. But how do you actually start?

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