De Belser Racing Pigeons goes to Portugal

A few days ago we received some good news. We received an invitation from the KBDB to participate in the European Championship 2021.

This championship will be held in Mira, Portugal in the district of Coimbra, in the northwest.

All countries affiliated with the FCI may participate in the European Championship with a maximum of 25 (+5 reserve) pigeons. A total of 30 Belgian pigeons will fly in Mira. Of which we will send one. Belgium will participate in this with youngsters. Hopefully together we can prove the strength of the Belgian colonies!

We owe all this to the magnificent performance of “Het 001”. The selection of the pigeons that may participate is based on the performances achieved on the national flights during the past season. Read more about it here.

Three types of classifications will be drawn up, individual, per country and ace pigeon. We will certainly keep you informed of the further progress. The final race will take place on September 4, 2021 and will be 400km and will be preceded by some official training flights.

The Portuguese Federation will also keep us informed via their official website:, if you wish to stay informed yourself you can consult their website.

We already have our champion in mind, but more about this later. Watch the video for a sneak-peak, stay tuned!