Who is Johan De Belser

Johan De Belser received the microbe from his father Victor, who in turn got it from grandfather. He was really born in a “pigeon nest” and has been racing pigeons for the biggest part of his life. It was during this period that the game of speed reigned supreme. Dad “Victor” was a remarkable speed player all his life and this translated into winning many champion titles, mainly in the local society of “De Verbroedering Berlaar-Heikant”.

2nd National Zone Limoges
2de nationale zone Limoges: geweldige start van het fondseizoen
2nd National Zone Limoges (1.863 pigeons)

We achieved a 2nd national zone Limoges. The flight, a distance of 667 kilometers, was a challenge due to the bad weather in France. The pigeons spent five nights in the basket waiting for better weather conditions. When finally improved, the pigeons were able to start with a light southwest wind.

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1st Provincial Sermaises
2023-07-22 PROV. SERMAISES JONGE_Page_01
1st Provincial Sermaises (8.091 pigeons)

On July 22, 2023, no less than 8,091 Antwerp pigeons were at the start in Sermaises, the young cock "Viktor" from Johan De Belser convincingly beat the entire convoy.

1st National Chateauroux I
De Belser Johan - 1st National Chateauroux 2022
1st National Chateauroux I with "Sarah"
4th National Issoudun "Double 9"
Double 9 BE 19-6035099 De Belser Racing Pigeons
4th National Issoudun with "Double 9 19-099"

Double 9 "BE 19-6035099" becomes 4th National Issoudun.

The father of Double 9, Rainbow "BE 18-6061091" also became 4th national Issoudun!

Sophia best of 14.061 pigeons
Sophia (BE21-6030701) fastest of 14.061 pigeons

On the 7th of August, no less than 14.061 Antwerpian pigeons were lined up at the start line of Sermaises. The one to rise head and shoulders above the rest of the group was the young hen Sophia of Johan De Belser.

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"Het 001" 3rd National Ace
Third national ace pigeon yearlings 2020
Het 001 becomes 3rd national ace pigeon yearlings

One of our beautiful hens became the third national ace pigeon great middle distance KBDB.

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1th & 2nd Interprovincial Vierzon
1e & 2e Interprovincial Vierzon
1th & 2nd Interprovincial Vierzon

The first interprovincial race of 2020 Johan wins the 1st & 2nd of the race. This with "Double 9" and "Het 001".

4th National Issoudun with "Rainbow 18-091"
4th National Issoudun with "Rainbow 18-091"

Rainbow "BE 18-6061091" becomes 4th National Issoudun.

"Bocca" wins 3rd National, 1st of Zone B
"Bocca" wins 3rd National, 1st of Zone B

"Bocca" becomes zone winner on La Souterraine. Resulting in a 3rd national.

Top performance yearlings region "Mechelen"
Top performance yearlings region "Mechelen"

The pigeons also achieved good results on the short middle distance flights. This in training for the national flights.

La Souty's claim victory
La Souty 5 & La Souty

"La Souty 5" & "La Souty" win 5th and 6th national in one race.

Junior 500 wins 1st provincial Bourges
Junior 500

"Junior 500" wins 1st provincial Bourges

Best young pigeon in Belgium over all 4 national races for youngsters
Mister Belgium

"Mister Belgium" becomes the best youngster in the 4 national races for youngsters. Ending with a total coefficient of 2.28%. This is a wonderful pigeon!

1st provincial Blois
1st provincial Blois

Another provincial victory, counter is already at 5!

Provincial champion long distance club Antwerp - Old pigeons
Provincial champion long distance club Antwerp - Old pigeons

Good results give good championships. Ranked among the best in the province of Antwerp.

Den Engels I becomes ace pigeon Antwerp fondclub

Den Engels I becomes ace pigeon Antwerp fondclub. 2002 was a great year!

1st Prov. Chat & Bourges
1st Prov. Chat & Bourges

2 provincial victories in 1 weekend. Our pigeons were in top shape!

White Spirit wins 1st provincial Limoges

White Spirit wins 1st provincial Limoges

Den 500 is born
Den 500 is born

This pigeon is a son of our ancestor couple "Oskar x Fijneke". Together with his nest brother "Goldwin" are they the patriarchs of our loft.

1st Interprovincial Vierzon
Interprovincial victory Vierzon with the yearlings

First big success story with the hens!

Fijneke is born
Ancestor Fijneke

"Fijneke" was the best young bird of 1998. Together with "Oskar" they are the patriarchs of the loft "De Belser Johan"

Oskar is born
Ancestor "Oskar"

"Oskar" is the patriarch of the entire colony "De Belser Johan"

1st Provincial Châteauroux
Provincial Victory Châteuaroux Yearlings

The first provincial victory is a fact. It was a very tough Chateauroux.

Champions of speed
Johan & Werner

Together with great-nephew Werner Dierckx they made beautiful results on Quievrain & Noyon (vitesse) for many years

Waiting for Quievrain

In the beginning Johan was already dreaming of a wonderful pigeon career.

As the twig is bent the tree is inclined
Interesse van kleins af aan - De Belser Johan
Bitten by the pigeon microbe from childhood

Johan has been interested in pigeon sport from an early age ...

Johan’s grandfather died in 1979. Johan then decided to continue playing in the same lofts together with his cousin Werner Dierickx. They had some outstanding pigeons, the “Oude Blauwe” became ace pigeon on Noyon for 5 years.

Through frequent contact with half and long distance players, his interest in these flights grew. This led to Johan making the transition to these flights over time.

After his marriage a beautiful villa was built, with of course .. lots of pigeon lofts. Johan lives “in the countryside”, as is often said here in Belgium. During the first 2 years, only speed “Vitesse – Dutch” was played, but the longer distances beckoned. First half-distance but soon the distances became longer & longer. Especially Bourges from the end of July is the classic in which everyone from the Berlaar region wants to participate. Every year there are toppers with old, yearling and youngsters.

Here and there he bought pigeons for the heavier work so that now only the longer middle distance and long distance are raced.

Short distance and short middle distance only serve as learning flights.