Who is Johan De Belser

Johan De Belser received the microbe from his father Victor, who in turn got it from grandfather. He was really born in a “pigeon nest” and has been racing pigeons for the biggest part of his life. It was during this period that the game of speed reigned supreme. Dad “Victor” was a remarkable speed player all his life and this translated into winning many champion titles, mainly in the local society of “De Verbroedering Berlaar-Heikant”.

1966 As the twig is bent the tree is inclined
1980 Waiting for Quievrain
1986 Champions of speed
1996 1st Provincial Châteauroux
1997 Oskar is born
1998 Fijneke is born
1998 1st Interprovincial Vierzon
2000 Den 500 is born
2002 White Spirit wins 1st provincial Limoges
2002 1st Prov. Chat & Bourges
2002 Den Engels I becomes ace pigeon Antwerp fondclub
2005 Provincial champion long distance club Antwerp - Old pigeons
2007 1st provincial Blois
2007 Best young pigeon in Belgium over all 4 national races for youngsters
2009 Junior 500 wins 1st provincial Bourges
2010 La Souty's claim victory
2012 Top performance yearlings region "Mechelen"
2016 "Bocca" wins 3rd National, 1st of Zone B
2019 4th National Issoudun
2020 1e & 2e Interprovincial Vierzon
2020 "Het 001" 3rd National Ace Pigeon Yearlings

Johan’s grandfather died in 1979. Johan then decided to continue playing in the same lofts together with his cousin Werner Dierickx. They had some outstanding pigeons, the “Oude Blauwe” became ace pigeon on Noyon for 5 years.

Through frequent contact with half and long distance players, his interest in these flights grew. This led to Johan making the transition to these flights over time.

After his marriage a beautiful villa was built, with of course .. lots of pigeon lofts. Johan lives “in the countryside”, as is often said here in Belgium. During the first 2 years, only speed “Vitesse – Dutch” was played, but the longer distances beckoned. First half-distance but soon the distances became longer & longer. Especially Bourges from the end of July is the classic in which everyone from the Berlaar region wants to participate. Every year there are toppers with old, yearling and youngsters.

Here and there he bought pigeons for the heavier work so that now only the longer middle distance and long distance are raced.

Short distance and short middle distance only serve as learning flights.

De Belser Johan