De Belser Johan
Racing Pigeons Belgium

De Belser Johan doorheen de tijd

De Belser Johan through time

The “About Johan” page has been updated with an interactive timeline. We have listed all the victories, memories and beautiful anecdotes. Go and take a look! (Click the button, or...

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Cleaning of the lofts De Belser Johan Racing Pigeons Belgium

Cleaning the pigeon lofts

Now that all flights have been completed, it is time to clean the pigeon lofts. A thorough annual cleaning is a must if you want to guarantee optimal health for...

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What do other fanciers say about our pigeons?

What happened to me now, I contacted Johan in 2019 and told him that the last 3 years I could hardly play a flat price with my pigeons. Johan said come to me and I will see what I can do for you. He gave me 4 young pigeons 2019, 2 couples, and really of his better pigeons, the pedigrees don't lie.

Cras Ludo / Belgium

Johan, I have a few of your pigeons and I want to thank you for such great performance pigeons. I have BE 07-6385623, which is a brother of Junior 500 and he has produced super pigeons. I also have a couple that I bought after the death of Neil Christianson that he got from you and BE 13-6060492 is a super hen.

Patrick Gazaway / USA

In 2017 we found one of your pigeons, when we contacted you what to do with it, you told us to keep it for ourselves to breed with.A friend of mine has bred with this hen, and one of the children has won the 1st ace pigeon on short distance!

Tarik Elhakym / Casablanca (Morocco)

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