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Ferrari 617

Vaccinating pigeons

Learn about the benefits of vaccinating your pigeons and how to do it safely and effectively. Keep your birds healthy.

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Racing with hens - De Belser Racing Pigeons

Racing with hens

Racing with hens Why racing with hens? This is the 4th year in a row that we race with our hens, the reason is simple: Hens are able to fly...

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What do other fanciers say about our pigeons?

I have children from such a female of your pigeon. B.2012.602383. The female passed away last year, and her grandson flies sensationally at all distances and at most 700 km+

There was a race held in China, it's a race like Victoria Falls. Kin of your pigeon B15-6046694 made an awesome ranking.

This one bred 1st winner derby Beijing (500km), 91th ace Beijing pioneer loft race for 4 races. 2 races it won top 100

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