Our pigeons in the world

I have children from such a female of your pigeon. B.2012.602383. The female passed away last year, and her grandson flies sensationally at all distances and at most 700 km+

There was a race held in China, it's a race like Victoria Falls. Kin of your pigeon B15-6046694 made an awesome ranking.

This one bred 1st winner derby Beijing (500km), 91th ace Beijing pioneer loft race for 4 races. 2 races it won top 100

This pigeon bred the 1st winner of 400km Kaier One loft race. It was the semi-final race. Top performance!

Johan, just wanted to send a quick note letting you know how your birds have done for me. I have a son of Junior 500 and a g'son of Summer of 69. Both of these cocks have bred super for me.

My friend, your pigeon B15-6046700 has become 8th of 7.200+ pigeons. On a race of 500KM.

What happened to me now, I contacted Johan in 2019 and told him that the last 3 years I could hardly play a flat price with my pigeons. Johan said come to me and I will see what I can do for you. He gave me 4 young pigeons 2019, 2 couples, and really of his better pigeons, the pedigrees don't lie.

Johan, I have a few of your pigeons and I want to thank you for such great performance pigeons. I have BE 07-6385623, which is a brother of Junior 500 and he has produced super pigeons. I also have a couple that I bought after the death of Neil Christianson that he got from you and BE 13-6060492 is a super hen.

In 2017 we found one of your pigeons, when we contacted you what to do with it, you told us to keep it for ourselves to breed with. A friend of mine has bred with this hen, and one of the children has won the 1st ace pigeon on short distance!

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