I contacted Johan in 2019 and told him that I could barely play a flat price with my pigeons for the last 3 years.
Johan said come to me and I will see what I can do for you.
He gave me 4 young pigeons 2019, 2 couples, and really of his better pigeons, the pedigrees don’t lie.

Then they started breeding at the end of December 2019, and they paired each other, the breeding worked like a piece of cake, really as it should be.
Beautiful boy that sprang from it, they have everything as it should be.
Now I am fully expecting what the descendants will do in the competitions in 2020.
But wait a little longer with those corona conditions (when can one play with the youngsters?)

I look forward to it with hope.

There are still pigeon fanciers who have very good pigeons, who are willing to help fanciers who play very poorly.
And then you really have to be very grateful to such champions for what they do for someone else.
Furthermore, the results will be reported to Johan at the end of 2020 because the youngsters I bred from them are real bijoekes fantastically well-made pigeons.

Thank you Johan for what you did for me.

Kind Regards,

Ludo Cras
See you later in 2020 for further information (results)