Third national ace pigeon yearlings 2020 and the first national flight with youngsters

The weekend has already passed for several days, but we remain euphoric. It promised to be an eventful weekend. Because great heat was predicted with Bourges II, the national flight for youngsters could not take place at the time. This made Chateauroux II the first flight with youngsters.

We entered our young hens into the race. Twenty pigeons, 9 prizes. The pigeons were released around 7:30 am. Shortly after two o’clock our first pigeon arrived, it was a young hen (BE 20-6183425), she was clocked at 14:02:20. Good for a 40th national place! Top performance for a young hen!

To be honest, we actually hoped for another hen. Namely our “Het 001”. Our hope was rewarded when about 4 minutes later “Het 001” appeared in the sky and she was clocked at around 14:06:32. Good for a 37th national place.

We jumped for joy when we learned a while later that she was the 3rd national ace pigeon yearlings great middle distance. A cherry on the cake, and a nice way to end the old and yearling pigeon season.

Het 001” is a daughter of “Enkel 500“, whose father is “Junior 500“. On mother’s side, “240 (TORRE)” flows through her blood.

The bloodline of “Den 500” crossed with the bloodline of “Kaasboer” turns out to be a golden match.

Let’s look back at the honors list of this hen, very beautiful!

"Het 001"Mpm# PigeonsPlaceCoëfficiënt
Argenton II
Vierzon (Int)
Châteauroux I
1753.800ZONE B110.99590.08%
Argenton I
La Souterraine
Châteauroux II

The youngsters season is in full swing, it is certainly not over yet. We are delighted to see what the near future will bring us.