Start of the 2021 season: update

It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything. Now that the 2021 season has started, we would like to make a summary.

Argenton I (19 june 2021)

We were lucky and we were able to clock two early pigeons on Argenton.

First a yearling BE 20-6183432, this yearling hen is a granddaughter daughter of “Junior 500” (BE 07-6031645) and a daughter of “Daughter TORRE 491” (BE 14-6070491). She is a half sister of “Het 001” (BE 19-6035001).

Shortly afterwards NL 19-1138924 followed and was clocked at 16:00:47 good for a 76th national place. We obtained this cock as a youngster from Peter Schmitz. This cock is a cross between the Gaston Van De Wouwer line and the Van Eynde – Goovaerts line.

Pau (25 june 2021):

Long Distance has also been raced here for two years now. The pigeons were released at 7:15 am, we had basketted two pigeons. The pigeons had to cover a distance of 944,103 km to get home. Our first nominated BE 18-6061227 was clocked around 19:52:15, good for a 79th National, this pigeon also became 1st in the club. Splendid performance!

Our second and last pigeon was clocked on June 26 around 12:49:35, a day later but still good for a provincial price.

La Soutteraine (26 june 2021):

This flight was normally released on June 26, 2021, but due to bad weather conditions, it had been postponed to Monday, June 28.

The same cock NL 19-1138924 as from Argenton came home here first. He was clocked at 19:29:44 and thus secured a 46th national place.