The first youngsters are born, they are now a few weeks old and ready to learn to live independently. All youngsters are taken from the parental cages and receive a colored ring. This helps us when we want to know from which loft a certain young has come. After this they are put together in the loft for the young pigeons.

This loft has just had a thorough maintenance. Everything has been cleaned, the bacteria have been burned away and there is new floor grain on the floor.

The young are being placed on a special iron net for the time being, because the wooden slats have rather wide holes on which the young are difficult to maneuver.

A few days before the youngsters are set aside, there is already some corn in the parents’ trays, this way the youngsters can experience how their parents eat this food. They must learn to do this independently.

A food bowl with corn is placed next to the net, this way the young can easily get to the food and they learn to eat independently.

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