Châteauroux III 2019, the prequel

The last couple of days the tension was extremely high at family De Belser’s residence. During the summer a beautiful young bird managed to pull of three remarkeable results. This led to the bird becoming the provisional 3# ace bird for youngsters (3 prizes) with a coefficient of 3.6695%.

There are still some strong candidates (with 2 prizes) lurking in the ranking. So the game has certainly not been played yet! We are very curious about what the result will be, and we wish all fanciers the best of luck!

Asterix (BE19-6035039) posing after her last flight (Argenton II)

No wonder this youngster is capable of such strong results. The bird is a direct descendant of Johan’s “Den 500” & “Junior 500“. She also has Engels “J & J” blood running through her veins. 

A heavy rain is expected on Saturday, which is why the KBDB has decided to release the pigeons on Friday instead of Saturday. Pigeons will be entered in the competition today (Wednesday 04/09/2019).

Along with this last flight, the season ends. Then peace returns and pigeon fanciers can return to their fall routine.

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