Recap – End of season 2020

As is customary every year, we look back on the past season. Because of COVID-19, the season initially started later, this required some adjustment for each pigeon fancier. Likewise for us. The hens were coupled a month later (April 10) and they were first raced on youngsters and then on widowhood.

Grand Middle Distance:

Our champion of this year is without a doubt “Het 001”. This is a hen, very clever and also a bit nervous. But certainly not the dominant type.
See all results of “Het 001”.

Het 001” crowned itself as 3rd national ace pigeon KBDB 2020 which is an excellent result!

At the very beginning of the season, an interprovincial flight Vierzon was flown. Here we won the first and the second prize.

This prize was not included in the national ranking, but in the provincial ranking. With this result “Het 001” became 1st provincial Ace pigeon Antwerp 2020.

De Belser Johan Holding Vierzon Runner Up Het 001 wing picture

Her father “Enkel 500” is a son of “Junior 500” and a grandson of “Den 500“. We are pleased that our stock cock “Den 500” breeds such good offspring.

Her mother “Daughter Torre 491” is a daughter of “Torre 240”, a son of the world famous “Kaasboer”. The Van de Wouwer dynasty ceases to exist, but the breeding potential of his pigeons is phenomenal and brings us good offspring. It is clear that there is a “golden match” between Van de Wouwer and De Belser pigeons.

A pigeon that we will certainly keep an eye on next season is BE 20-6183425, she has already proven that she can fly top national by achieving a 40th national place as a youngster. We are curious what she can achieve next season.


Middle distance:

In the middle distance we started the season strongly by winning a 2nd prize against 1,488 pigeons. This with BE 20-6183452, a young cock. This pigeon is a descendant of a cross between a cock from Seiffert Thibaut and a hen from Heremans Marc & Stefanie. Read all about it here.

Race Place Coefficient
Melun '20
#2 out of 1.113
Regio Mechelen
#2 out of 1.488
Overkoepeling HT-RM

On the last Melun (306 km) flight BE-20-6183501 came first, a great performance and fun to end the season.

Father is “BE 13-6060405“, a son of “Junior 500“.

The mother is “Daughter Torre 473“, she is a full sister of Daughter Torre 491 which is the mother of “Het 001“.

Tour of Belgium:

We managed to claim victory on 1 flight at Bergom, read all about it here.

We also participate in the Tour of Belgium every year, should you not know what the Tour of Belgium is exactly, we’ll explain it here.

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