Marseille, Agen, Montelimar & La Souterraine 2020

The weekend is over, and this brings us to this short summary. It was a very busy weekend. We participated in 4 different flights, namely; Marseille (869.818 km), Agen (847.212 km), Montelimar (741.300 km) and La Souterraine (588.778 km).

Agen (Bordeaux)

Marseille was normally scheduled to be released on Friday, July 24, and the other three on Saturday, July 25. However, taking into account the “bad” weather in the South of France on Saturday, the authorities nevertheless decided to release Agen and Montelimar on Friday 24 July.

Our Friday night suddenly became a lot more exciting. And our patience was rewarded. Around 7:39 pm BE 19-6035112, our 1st nominated (Agen) flew straight from south-east direction to her loft. She was clocked at 19:39:50 with an average speed of 1114.9898 mpm.

Top performance that gave her a 149th national place and also a first prize in the club!


If we take kilometers into account, Montelimar was first expected, but due to a southwest wind, the pigeons that were released in Agen had an advantage over the pigeons that had to rush home from Montelimar and Marseille.

Shortly after the first homecoming of Agen another pigeon came down like an arrow, this time it was BE 19-6035132, our 1st nominated yearling at Montelimar. This pigeon was clocked at 7:46:43 PM with a speed of 985.7320 mpm. Beautiful performance! Woke up early on Saturday, because the flight was still continuing.

La Souterraine

Afterwards we prepared everything for La Souterraine. We keep repeating ourselves, but BE 19-6035001 “Het 001” wants to make it clear that she can fly national top, and this time after time. With a 61st national place she proves once again that she is a national high flyer. This also earned her a first place in the club.

She was clocked at 1:21:53 PM at a rate of 1604.8026.

This great result also ensures that “Het 001” is currently in 5th place in the national ranking KBDB Ace pigeon 2020. Great job!

“Het 001” stands head and neck above our yearlings, but in the old ones there are several others to be noticed. Three of our old pigeons have achieved a place in the top 150 national, of which BE 18-6061223 is 51st for a 2nd place in the club.

We had three pigeons on Marseille, two of which are currently back in the loft. One in the prizes, the other two days later. We will continue to work on this discipline!

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