Chateauroux 1 2022 | 1st National

This weekend was a bull’s eye, Johan gets his first National victory with “Sarah”.

With a pigeon at 14.54.30 for a distance of 522,719 km and at 1137.58 m, Johan won the 1st national Chateauroux against 5720 yearlings and also had the fastest of the total contingent of 9,723 Chateauroux racers.

The national winner is the B21-6030711 “Sarah”, a blue white feather hen that has lost 1 feather at the moment. It is a pigeon of average size but a rather tall pigeon that is strongly built. While the other pigeons were always sitting on their shelf, she was always waiting in front of the door of the loft.

At the arrival of Chateauroux she was in the company of three other pigeons and hung at the bottom of the group. But once near her loft she went straight to the sputnik and didn’t lose a second. The week before she won 334th nat. Bourges 10,366 p. After the classic sprint races, the team raced from Vierzon, Bourges, Cha-teauroux, Guéret, then stayed at home for three weeks for the coupling and last week they raced Bourges before being basketted for Chateauroux.