Het 001” and “Double 9” proved on Saturday 11 July with the flight from Argenton that they are in top shape. Despite a strong northwest wind, they managed to get home just 1 minute apart.

This resulted in a 21st and 23rd National of 26.085 yearlings. It was no coincidence that these hens flew top results again, as the weather conditions were comparable to those of the Interprovincial victory over Vierzon on June 20, 2020.

We are pleased to note that they are descendants of the line of “Den 500” and “Junior 500”. The father (“Enkel 500”) of “Het 001” is a son of “Junior 500”. This crossed with “Daughter TORRE 473”, a direct daughter of TORRE (240/03).

"Het 001"

The grandfather of “Double 9” on his mother’s side (“Liande”) is the “Super 083/02”, who is the son of “Goldwin”, brother of our stock breeder “Den 500”. This crossed with “Rainbow”. He raced Issoudun 2019 a 4th National against 11.465 yearlings last year. “Rainbow” is a grandson of “Junior 500“.

The hens get a high prize percentage every week. 
We are very satisfied with 8 out of 14 on Argenton I and 12 out of 13 on Vierzon.

Nice to know is that we can continue to build with these bloodlines. This gives confidence for the future!

"Double 9"

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