Argenton II, 24 august 2019

With only two weeks left before the final race of the season the tension is rising. Argenton worked out very well for Johan since two early birds were clocked.

Den 001 arriving at home
Het 001 arriving at home after a long and hot flight

A quiet afternoon went on to become very lively when Het 001 (BE6035001-19) dropped out of the sun like a spear. He was clocked at 15:18:40 with a velocity of 1257.57 meters per minute. And because of this he took the title of 36th national.

Two minutes later Asterix (BE6035039-19) arrived following DEN 001 on it’s tail. Clocked at 15:20:03 with a velocity of 1253.62.

Two wonderful results were achieved by two beautiful pigeons!

We had the pleasure of welcoming visitors (read: passionate pigeon fanciers) who wanted to come and take a look at our performance pigeons.

It was an eventful afternoon with lot’s of unexpected surprises.

Jelle Van Sterthem won 2th National Argenton II, 24 august 2019

Yesterday was the 2nd national race Argenton II, the third race for young pigeons.

Jelle put down a splendid result with the 2nd national youngster from 23.260 pigeons

It is nice to know that Jelle has obtained the mother of this pigeon from Johan. One that comes from the best bloodlines of Johan’s base pigeons. She is actually a grandchild “Super 083/02

Coupled with offspring from the best lines of Gaston Van De Wouwer this gave a bull’s eye.

2e national jelle van sterthem
BE 4021335-19

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