1st & 2nd Interprovincial victory Yearlings on Vierzon!

Now that the world is slowly getting going back to normal again after the corona crisis, the competition has started.

We have all been waiting impatiently and now that the time has finally come, we started off the season with a very good result.

Our pigeons have flown some training flights (Quiévrain, Noyon, …). But this weekend it was time for the first Interprovincial Vierzon. With an estimate of 1400 meters per minute, we had calculated that if the pigeons fell around 1:04 pm, this would yield a very good result.

We were therefore pleasantly surprised when around 1:06 pm Het 001 (BE 19-6035001) emerged like a rocket. With Double 9 (BE 19-6035099) just behind it. The 001 then remained on the viewer for a moment, so that “Double 9” could snatch the victory.

Double 9 is a bird with great potential, she is the daughter of Rainbow (BE 18-6061091).

He won the 4th national Issoudun last year. 

Father Rainbow (BE 18-6061091)

We look forward to what this winner will perform in the coming months!

Double 9 (BE 19-6035099)

The 001 (BE 19-6035001) proved last year that she is a heavyweight in the short middle distance.

Club Provincial National
Argenton 2019

1 / 302 (0.33%)

3 / 3399 (0.09%)

36 / 23.258 (0.15%)

She is a granddaughter of Den 500 (BE 00-6485500) and her father is Enkel 500

Father Enkel 500 (BE 14-6070552)

We are very proud of the total performance of our team of hens. The 13 yearling hens won 1, 2, 34, 139, 172, 220, 258, 392, 648, 726, 927, 1171 (12/13). The 3 old hens won 98, 246, 343 (3/3) against 6,377 p

For us, this is a wonderful start to a new season. We are looking forward to what the future brings.

Het 001 (BE 19-6035001)

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